网盟彩票官网Angel Cabrera

Ángel Cabrera

(404) 894-5051
Ángel Cabrera

Executive Vice Presidents

网盟彩票官网Rafael Bras

Rafael L. Bras

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
(404) 385-2700
Rafael Bras

网盟彩票官网Chaouki T. Abdallah

Chaouki T. Abdallah

Executive Vice President for Research
(404) 894-8885
Chaouki T. Abdallah

网盟彩票官网Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox

Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance
(404) 894-4615
Kelly Fox

President's Cabinet

网盟彩票官网Barrett Carson

Barrett H. Carson

Vice President for Development
(404) 894-1868
Barrett Carson

网盟彩票官网Lynn Durham

Lynn M. Durham

Vice President for Institute Relations
(404) 894-5051
Lynn Durham

网盟彩票官网Archie Ervin

Archie W. Ervin

Vice President for Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
(404) 894-5990
Archie Ervin

网盟彩票官网Bonnie Ferri

Bonnie Ferri

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development​ 
(404) 385-3685
Bonnie Ferri

网盟彩票官网James Hudgens

James Hudgens

Senior Vice President and Director of GTRI
(404) 407-7401
James Hudgens

网盟彩票官网Renee Kopkowski

Renee Kopkowski

Vice President for Communications
(404) 894-0852
Renee Kopkowski

网盟彩票官网Frank Neville

Frank Neville

Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff
(404) 894-8261
Frank Neville

网盟彩票官网Ling-Ling Nie

Ling-Ling Nie

General Counsel and VP for Ethics and Compliance
(404) 385-1608
Ling-Ling Nie

网盟彩票官网Colin Potts

Colin Potts

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
(404) 894-5551
Colin Potts

网盟彩票官网Todd Stansbury

Todd Stansbury

Director of Athletics
(404) 894-5411
Todd Stansbury

网盟彩票官网John Stein

John M. Stein

Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students
(404) 894-6367
John Stein


网盟彩票官网Maryam Alavi

Maryam Alavi

Scheller College of Business
(404) 385-2806
Maryam Alavi

网盟彩票官网Nelson Baker

Nelson C. Baker

Georgia Tech Professional Education
(404) 894-9658
Nelson Baker

网盟彩票官网Steven French

Steven P. French

College of Design
(404) 894-3880 
Steve French

网盟彩票官网Charles Isbell

Charles Isbell

College of Computing
(404) 894-8357
Charles Isbell

网盟彩票官网Susan Lozier

Susan Lozier

College of Sciences
(404) 894-3300
Susan Lozier

网盟彩票官网Steven McLaughlin

Steven W. McLaughlin

College of Engineering
(404) 894-6825
Steven McLaughlin

网盟彩票官网Catherine Murray-Rust

Catherine Murray-Rust

(404) 894-8914
Catherine Murray-Rust

网盟彩票官网John Tone

John Tone

Interim Dean, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
(404) 894-0511
John Tone